Brandi's dance background starts early with ballet, tap, Jazz and more. Brandi started teaching in exchange for classes during her teen years and found a new love with that.

When '99 rolled around she had moved to Southern CA and started teaching again, experimenting with different forms of dance. It was during this time that Brandi's friend Carrie introduced her to the Belly Dancing circuit and her first teacher. She was a wonderful Cabaret dancer by the name of Anne Gibson, who also gave her her first opportunity to perform as a belly dancer, with her dance troop Emeralds of The Nile. 

When life required Brandi to take a break from performing for a while, she kept teaching and choreographing, until she found Rachel Lazarus-Soto teaching in Colton California. It was then she fell in love with tribal fusion belly dance. It was just so powerful and Rachel made it look so easy (Brandi was wrong about the easy part) and after that she just couldn’t get enough.

When Devadasi was formed 2003, Brandi jumped on the opportunity to be a part of something so special. They won a couple awards and had a lot of fun. Brandi learned so much and enjoyed the years she spent with the Devs.

A HUGE move took Brandi from California to Texas. She was so grateful to be welcomed in by Heather and Katy of Liquid Hips. They danced together as Liquid Hips for about a year and a half until fate would take Katy and Brandi on the path leading to Bella Natana.

Over the last year with Bella Natana, Katy and Brandi have really started to push each other in their dancing and she can’t wait to see where they will go from here.